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Sharpen your creativity

Sharpen your creativity



Day 79 - I’ll Always Remember you, Love

Whether you’re a girl, or a boy; We all feel. How many times have you stayed up at night and thought about a single person for several hours straight? It doesnt matter how young or old you are, it happens to the best and worst of us. I for one, i miss the memories, the hours spent talking to each other; falling asleep on the line; listening to music and singing along in the most horrendous tones. I miss the people we were when we were together, the things we could do; it was us against the world. There was nobody who could come between us; thats how strong it was. But things have changed, not everything went the way we wanted it to, but i still miss you, your smile, your jokes, the way you would tell me anything and everything and not have a care in the world. But when i really think about it, i smile, because i wish the best for you, and for myself, because i still have the memories and i cherish them with everything i’ve got. I will always remember. And as the time goes by, i miss the moments, the memories and the way i felt when i was with you; I dont miss you, i miss what we had and who you and i were together, and who i was when i was with you. 

xx- Noor 

Everybody needs love

Everybody needs love

Day 78 - The Pain that comes with love.

The world isn’t black and white; there’s colour in the world to make us believe that its us who makes our own destinies and not everything is going to always go as planned. Its the same thing with love. Love isnt black and white, not every guy is going to be the same, nor is every girl. every person has their own story, their own thoughts, dreams and desires. Sometimes we find love in those who are nothing like us, we draw ourselves to those people we would never think we could love. But thats the beauty of it all; it has no boundaries. Sometimes is does work out, and its a beautiful fairytale like dream, something we never want to end. but when it doesnt our world crashes down around us; the feeling of dissapointment, heartache, pain and sadness can never be erased, and most of the time it can never be eased. They say time heals all wounds, but sometimes time makes things even more unbearable; the time spent away from that someone makes it harder, and the colours from our world start to fade. All you need to remember is after the rain dries, a rainbow can always appear. 

xx Noor

The Perfect Graduation Song (Sort of a weird time to be posting this, i know, but still)

Time of our lives- Tyrone Wells  

Day 77 - It’s Never Going to be Easy To say Goodbye

No matter how long its been since i first left home to go off to college, it never ever gets easier. I don’t know about you, but leaving home has always been one of the hardest and most emotional goodbyes. Nobody likes to say goodbye. But the truth about life is that its constant, it waits for nobody; there’s no way to stop, to go back or to skip ahead; you have to believe in the transient nature of life. Yes, its not going to be easy, and no everything is not going to be alright all the time, but sometimes the things that hurt us the most, are the things that we truly need, the things that we need to awaken our senses. and that’s what goodbyes are for. Sometimes saying goodbye is the only way for you to grow up, to move on, to find new things, to expand your horizons, and to live again. We’re never going to be able to live in a single moment forever; There are going to be times in life where you’ll have to say goodbye, sometimes often and sometimes rarely ever, but its never going to be easy. Leaving behind people you love and places you cherish are is always going to be hard, but as long as you believe that those things are destined to be in your life, and that you need them in your life, the whole universe will conspire against everything just to make sure that you are able to say hello again.

xxx - Noor