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Day 80- Expect the unexpected.

How many times a day do you feel like you’re never going to be good enough that you could be so much better than you already are? Is that necessarily a bad Thing? I don’t think so, if anything it pushes you to become greater. To do bigger things to change yourself and if you succeed you always has the potential right? And if not, at least you can say your tried and at least you know that you’re right where you belong. Never leT anyone know what lies behind that face, never let anyone feel sorry for you, you don’t need sympathy, you need strength,Netherlands strength to carry through everyday and say that this could have been a lot worse. You need the strength to know that every day is going to be painful but along with the pain comes the happiness, the memories, the love, the care, and above all, every day is a brand new day, and just as time changes everything, it can heal and change circumstances. Even an ounce of hope can keep you going, can make you stronger everyday. Just go by life and expect the unexpected. You never know what tomorrow holds. xxxx Noor

Day 59 - Finding the right words

There are times in your life where you cant express yourself in words. you”ve got so much to say but you just cant find the appropriate words to speak on behalf of your heart. That’s when things start to go wrong. because although you cant put those emotions down in words, they always have a way of overwhelming your heart and taking away every ounce of happiness that you had within you. And you just dont know what to do or where to go, so time and again you’re sat there in the dark thinking about how things could be, and what you would say, or do had you known how, and despite it all, you still dont know how. And then before you know it, you’re stuck in this never ending down spiral of emotions and thoughts that are begging to be heard and understood. But then when that day finally dawns, where your heart seems to think so much clearer and suddenly feels so understood, everything starts to look up, and you finally have hope again, the hope you needed to move on.

xx- Noor

JGL <3

JGL <3

Day 42 - Never Let go.

Throughout life you’re never really sure about one single constant thing you want in life. you usually have no idea what you want in life or who you want with you in life, but through that entire journey, and after every great fall or leap of faith that you take in life, there is always that single person or that group of people who hold your hand until you hit the ground. Those people who you open your eyes to after a near death experience, those people whose shoulders you have to cry on at 3am on a tragic day, those people who you can call or you can talk to at any time of the day and about anything at all, those people who know every single flaw that you have and love you regardless. Those people are the people that you want in your life, that you should never let go of, those who make you the person who you are today. And when you’re far away from those people and distance becomes a barrier in your relationship, you dont fret, you dont worry because you know that although distance may be an obstacle it will never succeed, and you smile everyday because you know that although distance can pose as an obstacle, your friendship and love will always stand strong against the test of time. 

So you hold on tight, to the memories, to the emotions, to the feeling, and you never let them go. 

xxx- Noor

Day 28 - You will find someone to love you for everything that you are.

You met him way back when nothing could hold you back. not even circumstance. He made you laugh when all you wanted to do was cry, he knew you better than you knew yourself, he would wait to walk to class with you, he would call you every night till you fell asleep, he made you feel like the only girl in the world and he made the world seem so much brighter than it really was. Years pass by, moments turn into memories, friends came and went, but he was still there. As the time went by, and the emotions became stronger, the feelings became stronger than you could have ever thought. And before you know it, graduation came and went. He moved away, while you stay right where you were, entangled in a web of confusion and mixed emotions. You write to him every week, and wait desperately and patiently on your doorstep for his reply. You wait… for Weeks that soon become months, and ultimately become years. His memory is still instilled within your heart. he was the one that shaped who you are today, and is all you think about everyday before you sleep. he was your first love, and he was the sinking feeling you felt every time you tried to move on. his memories held you back, the hope that he may some day realise his place within your heart helps you hold your head high up, and to shield your aching heart from letting anyone else in.

And then one fine day, when everything was so unclear, when the sky was hazy, and the world seems to be crashing down around you, you realise that he doesnt deserve that place within your heart, because he now made you cry when all you wanted to do was laugh, he didnt know you at all anymore, he didnt wait for you, he hadnt spoken to you in years, and he made you feel like the only girl in the world that could never be happy. He made every day so miserable, that your unhappiness became so unbearable. And it was that day, that you realised that he was never the one, and that this was never meant to be, and that you would find someone that truly loved you for everything that you are. 

xxx- Noor