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Dear Future Self, Sincerely Me

Dear Future Self, Sincerely Me

Day 74 - Does the Future Frighten you?

How much do we really know about what the future holds? Absolutely nothing. Does that scare you? It definitely scares me; every single day. The feeling of uncertainty, the fear of the unknown, and the daunting feeling that creeps over you when you think of all the unanswered questions that you must face. its terrifying to think that there is no escape. No matter what, you must face the future: We all wish that life was a jukebox with a play, stop, pause, rewind and forward button. wouldn’t that be wonderful? But this is reality. And what frightens us the most is the inability to face whats to come; the idea of not knowing where you will be, what you will be doing, and most importantly who you will be. What if you’re not the person you built yourself to be? What if you’re not where your heart desired you to be? What if you’re not doing what you always envisioned yourself to be doing? The answer to all those questions lies deep within us, and the only way we can unlock them is to believe that no matter what the future holds for us, we grow up, things change, and not everything goes the way we planned it to be.

Remember, you are your own worst critic; so when that time comes, make sure that you search deep down inside yourself and find that belief; that if you’re not where you want to be in life, theres still a long way to go, you can build the path to the future you want, and some day, when you finally find what you’re looking for, the long, twisting road will finally lead you to your destination. Till then, hang on. 

xx- Noor 

For all you lovely people: Do you wish for what i wish?

My wish for you all is that sometime in the near future, i do genuinely hope that every single person who is reading this regardless of your beliefs, appearance, thoughts, racial or religious views, i do hope that you learn to love yourself for who you are, and to find love, and to love and live life to the fullest, to find happiness wherever you may go. I wish that you all reach a point in your lives where everything you have is everything you ever dreamed of having. I hope for peace, and love, and joy to prevail. Everybody deserves to be happy, no matter what. So smile! :) 

xxx- Noor

Day 63 - Blessed.

The world and its people never seize to surprise me. just when you think you’ve seen almost everything, you find yourself in a situation where even the most colossal of things seems like the tiniest particle in comparison. Look around yourselves, how many people do you look at and think, ah well that guys a boss! he must be living the life! But how do you know? what makes you so sure? Behind that vintage limited edition Louis Vuitton Bag, may lie a lifetime of hardships, of agony, of pain and grief. And sometimes, that homeless man you see busking on the side of your favourite road back home, that man would be the one that has a memory full of happiness, joy and promises, and a future filled with promises success and bliss. So when you find yourself in a situation, when you think a break up, a rejection, or a simple indecisive position is the greatest worry that mankind will ever face, think again. look around you. look to the sky, get onto your knees, and thank god for all that he has blessed you with. 



Day 62 - Life will shine down on you…one day

Sometimes when you least expect it, life has a surprise, often a gift in store for you. It can be in the form of anything, Love, Friendship, good luck, success, and most of the time you dont even know what it is, and how much it can alter the paths of our lives. You turn around one day, in the most crowded of all places, and you see someone, and instantly you know, that theres something about this someone, but in that very moment you dont know what it is, who that person is, or what destiny has in store for you. Life isnt as idealistic as we would want it to be, so we turn around and hope that one day, your paths will cross again. and then that faithful day whether its 5 minutes from then or 15 years later when you least expect it, there they are, right infront of you, and this time, it hits you, this is destiny, this is that gift, that surprise that life has given me, so you take it, willingly, and happily. But that is love, and life is so unpredictable. it brings you surprises and hope in the form of so many things. so have patience, wait and have faith, and embrace everything that comes your way, because one day when you least expect it, something splendid will surely come your way. 

You’re Young, Wild, and Free.

There are days, like today, when i sit down and think of all the things im going to miss about being young! There will come a day when we will never feel as alive, as free and as much ourselves as we do today

I’ll Miss: 

- The late nights thinking about what the future holds for us: Who will he be? When will he come? and Will i have my happily ever after?

- Late nights on the Phone, talking to your best friend about the nothingness of nothing.

- Cruising around in your car with your friends Singing at the top of your lungs, during Summer Vacays 

- Coming back home from College!

- Making Stupid Mistakes and crying about them as though the world has ended. 

- Writing Blogs and Being as sentimental as you could possibly be.

So, Moral of the Story,

We are young, so Lets set the World on fire, we can burn brighter, than the sun! 

xxx- Noor

Day 61 - All of the Ifs

Have you ever sat there and thought about all of the ifs? i certainly do. think about it. what if you were never born? would your parents be as happy as they are now? would other peoples lives be significantly different? how different would everything be? And what if you had never met that special somebody? Would your life be easier? better? painless? or would it be unbearable? What about the world? What if the world was entirely different? what would you change and what would you keep? It makes you wonder what the past present and future would all be like; would you be able to survive in a world of uncertainty? the answer is yes. because the truth is we dont know what lies ahead, what if your whole world crashes down around you? what if tomorrow is your last day? and what if you meet someone who changes the course of your life forever? 

What if i did things differently? What if i couldn’t write? talk? believe? what if i didn’t turn to tumblr at times of need? What if i wasn’t me? What if?…