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Day 43 - What do you see?

How many times have you looked at a reflection of yourself and wondered what exactly you’re looking at? Is it pain? That pain that overwhelms you so wholly that it has become all that you can feel anymore. Is it the feeling of resentment and hatred? That dark, evil state where nothing is blissful, and everything brings upon anger? Is it Nostalgia? the longing to go back to what once was, or what you remember it to be? whether it brings about happiness of grief, its where everything felt real. What about contentment? Where everything feels as though its meant to be, and that whether its good or bad, its the way it has to be. Is it uncertainty? when you dont know who you are, what you’re doing and where you are meant to go.

Or Is it Perfection? do you look back at yourself to find not a single flaw, not an ounce of imperfection? Do you see what you have always wanted to see? 

xxx- Noor