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The Perfect Graduation Song (Sort of a weird time to be posting this, i know, but still)

Time of our lives- Tyrone Wells  

Day 73 - I may be a dreamer, but i’m not the only one.

Time goes by so fast, things keep changing, and we dont take out enough time to just sit down and contemplate. Whenever i hear the song “Imagine” by John Lennon, a series of thoughts flash through my head. i imagine a world where society didn’t dictate our lives, there was no right, or wrong. No discrimination, no poverty, nothing to divide us, and everything to unite us. I think of the possibility of not hating, and only loving; where everyone believed in happiness and where there was not a sad soul to be found. Can you imagine something as beautiful as that? 

But then when i really do think hard, it appears that just like John Lennon, i’m a dreamer. And i’m pretty sure that i’m not the only one.  

Day 70 - Are we Always Alone?

There are so many times when all you want is to be alone, not because you’re unhappy, upset or depressed, but because when you’re alone that’s the only time you can truly be yourself. And to me, nothing is more important than that. There’s a reason why you act the way you do, and its because the way you are fits you the best, it appeals to you the most. Whether you’re with family, friends, strangers, celebrities or anybody else for that matter, your personality, the way you think, behave, speak, it all changes in an instant. And no you’re not alone, it happens to everyone; its just the way we are programmed to be, we are always striving to make others accept us, to be the perfect image of want everyone wants to be. But somewhere along the line, we need to accept ourselves first, and thats when we will truly find someone that will accept us for who we are, and when you do find that person, never ever let them go. Because its only then, when you wont have the need to be yourself, alone and isolated. 

xxx- Noor 

Day 69 - Uncertain?

How many times have you found yourself in an uncertain mood, where procrastination and uncanny thoughts cloud your thoughts? Its those moments that help put your life into perspective. The feeling of uncertainty, to me, may probably be the most unsettling and horrific feeling of all. not knowing what someone thinks of you, not knowing what tomorrow brings, what the consequences of your actions are, and ofcourse, not knowing what sort of a person you are to become. Its terrifying. And within that tangled web of thoughts, there is always a gap, a hole; a space where something is meant to be, where something you long for is missing, but the most frustrating part is, that even you, yourself, dont know what exactly it is that you’re missing. If you allow yourself to think that way for too long, it will engulf you entirely until you can think no longer.

However, in the midst of every predicament, there is always a but, always another way, and if you think about things in a certain way, the good emerges from the midst of every troublesome time. Think about it this way; without uncertainty, you would always be prepared; prepared for life, for the good, the bad; you would make no mistakes. And trust me when i say, if you make no mistakes, you aren’t living life at all. Life would be dull, knowing everything doesn’t allow you to be excited, to be surprised, to look forward to what life has in store for you. Life is indeed a roller coaster, and when you’re at the top, you dont know how hard you’re going to fall, and what you’re going to feel when you hit the ground. And no matter, what you do, there will always be something missing. the truth is, we are constantly searching for something to make us whole, to make us feel perfect, when the fact of the matter is that, nobody is perfect, and the only way in which we are going to fill that void, is by feeling like we are perfect, and ignoring the flaws and inconsistencies we may find. 

Still Uncertain?

If you are, well then, that’s good. 

xxx- Noor

Day 65 - Perfection

What is perfection? can we truly ever define it? The truth is perfection is not a constant. the unbearable truth is, that no matter what, there will always be something lacking. Why? Well, its human nature. we are never satisfied with what we have. Whether you were the prom queen, the popular jock, the valedictorian, the trophy wife, the rockstar, the good mother, the obedient child, whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, do you really, truly believe that you’re perfect? Even when the world around you bows down to your seemingly flaw free nature, there are days when that smile wears away, when the smallest things mean the most, when your whole world comes crashing down, and when that day comes, you still put a smile on your face, like a mannequin on display, everything seems perfect from a distance, until you try it on. 

But nobodys perfect, and thats the beauty of it. 

Happy Birthday Bob Marley - Truly an inspiration 

Happy Birthday Bob Marley - Truly an inspiration 

Its unfortunately, probably always only going to be you 

Its unfortunately, probably always only going to be you 

Never let a moment pass you by, never wait for the perfect moment. life is too short to wait, life is too unpredictable to waste. love and care with all your heart, and never look back, hoping to find a way to change the past

Day 43 - What do you see?

How many times have you looked at a reflection of yourself and wondered what exactly you’re looking at? Is it pain? That pain that overwhelms you so wholly that it has become all that you can feel anymore. Is it the feeling of resentment and hatred? That dark, evil state where nothing is blissful, and everything brings upon anger? Is it Nostalgia? the longing to go back to what once was, or what you remember it to be? whether it brings about happiness of grief, its where everything felt real. What about contentment? Where everything feels as though its meant to be, and that whether its good or bad, its the way it has to be. Is it uncertainty? when you dont know who you are, what you’re doing and where you are meant to go.

Or Is it Perfection? do you look back at yourself to find not a single flaw, not an ounce of imperfection? Do you see what you have always wanted to see? 

xxx- Noor

Day 38- can we ever truly be perfect?

Have you ever had that feeling where you know that you try so hard to please everyone around you but you constantly feel like you are lacking some little thing that you cant seem to pinpoint. Its then when you realise that we are all so focused on perfection and being the best. Everyone keeps on saying that nobody is perfect but isnt it weird how we all strive to be perfect, everyday? How do you define perfection? Whats the benchmark? Is it your favourite pop icon? Movie star? Family member? Whoever it is how can you assert their perfection, what makes you certain that they are above all. The truth is right infront of us all. Nobody is perfect, not you, not i - its always good to strive to become better people but make sure that you dont lose your sense of reality through it all.

Xxx- Noor